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Brain / CNS

Phase II/III randomized trial of veliparib or placebo in combiantion with adjuvant temozolomide in newly diagnosed glioblastome with MGMT promoter hypermethylation  A071102 NCT02152982 (MBMC Contact: Missy Kuhn 314-996-5868) Temporarily closed 10/21/16

Phase II trial of SMO/AKT/NF2 inhibitors in progressive meningiomas with SMO/AKT/NF2 mutations  A071401 (NCT02523014)  (MBMC Contact:  Missy Kuhn 314-996-5868) Protocol must have open slot available for registration.  See protocol for all details, amendment #6.  Cohorts NF2Grande I and NF2 Grade II/III are closed. 

Randomized Phase III trial of mematine and whole-brain radiotherapy with or without hippocampal avoidance in patients with brain metastases 
NRG-CC001 (NCT02360215 )  (MBMC Contact:  Diana Christian 314-996-5888)  (Requires radiation oncologist to undergo training and specialized MRIs - approved at MBMC)

Prostate Cancer Trials in St. Louis, MO

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