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Cancer Control - Breast / DCIS

Cancer Control - DCIS Trial in St. Louis, MO


Randomized phase III trial evaluating the role of weight loss in adjuvant treatment of overweight and obese women with early breast cancer  Alliance A011401 (NCT02750826)  (MBMC Contact:  Diana Christian 314-996-5888)

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of testosterone in the adjuvant treatment of postmenopausal women with aromatise inhibitor-induced arathralgias  Alliance A221102 (NCT01573442)  (MBMC Contact, Diana Christian 314-996-5888)

 Anastrozole in treating aromatase inhibitor musculoskeletal symptoms in female patients with stage I-III breast cancer  (No Drugs Provided)  ECOG E1Z11 (NCT01824836) (MBMC Contact: Diana Christian 314-996-5888) (OPEN TO ASIAN PATIENTS ONLY)


Pregnancy outcome and safety of interrupting therapy for women with endocrine responsive breast cancer (POSITIVE)  Alliance 221405  (NCT02308085)  (MBMC Contact:  Chris Sanders 314-996-5802) Credentialing for Southeast and Cap Region Pending




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